Who We Are

Young Engineering Company, L.L.C. is a Distributor of Marine Electrical Equipment, made to military specifications.

Founded in 1956 by the late David B. Young, Young Engineering continues the tradition of providing quality equipment

at competitive prices with fast delivery.

For sixty-one years, Young Engineering Company, L.L.C. (YECO) has built a tradition of supporting naval shipbuilders and repair facilities throughout the world with maritime electrical equipment

from our location in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Our customers range from the US NAVY to shipbuilders from around the world, including Spain and Taiwan. They rely on us to provide not only hardware but the much needed software

to support this equipment through its life cycle.

Our equipment may be identified by:

  • - Product Nomenclature;
  • - USN Buships Drawing;
  • - USD Military Specification;
  • - USN Symbol Number;
  • - National Stock Number (NSN) and Allowance Parts List Number (APL).

 The staff at Young Engineering Company, L.L.C. has the knowledge and skills to meet your requirements regardless of the size or complexity.

 We are supported by a group of manufacturers who are world leaders in providing equipment to the most stringent quality standards.

Young Engineering Company, L.L.C. (YECO) distributes many types of maritime electrical equipment, all made by outstanding manufacturers who produce this equipment to the most stringent quality standards MIL-I- 45208 and ISO 9000.

We are also qualified to MIL-I- 45208 and maintain a quality system approved by our customers.

We are located  at 1010 Erato Street in New Orleans, Louisiana,   adjacent to the Mississippi River.

Our Equipment

Casualty Power Distribution System

Casualty Power Distribution System

System equipment and cable types used with Casualty Power installations are:
Bulkhead terminals Symbol 1046
Bulkhead seal Symbol 1048
Riser terminals Symbol 1047
Plugs Symbol 1049, in accordance with MIL-T-24552/1/2/3/4.



The entire visual landing aids system (exclusive of the glide slope and wave-off systems). The systems consist of floodlights, drop-line lights, control panels, variable & fixed transformers and landing lights imbedded in the deck in accordance with various specifications.



Hand lanterns with relays (SYMBOL 101.2) and with handles and without relays (SYMBOL 100.2) and the newest USN rechargeable lantern with relay (SYMBOL 101.3) in accordance with MIL-F-16377/53. Kits to field convert the non-rechargeable symbol 101.2 to a rechargeable symbol 101.3 is now available. LED Kits are also available.

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